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A shelter in place order lifted Monday night for the Galena Park, TX, area after a chemical release at a Pasadena plant Monday afternoon.

A power failure and some CO2 emissions at the Pasadena Refining Systems Inc. (PSRI) in Pasadena caused a temporary shutdown of operations to the Washburn Tunnel, the Houston Ship Channel in addition to the shelter in place, officials said.

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The Pasadena Refining System flared off product, including sulfur dioxide, at their plant in the 1100 block of Red Bluff, said Pasadena Fire Marshal Dave Brannon said.

“Due to the weather we had (Monday) afternoon, they (PRSI) had a partial power outage so they were operating at about half-power,” Brannon said.

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As a result, the plant had to flare off some product, including sulfur dioxide, and with the wind direction moving the heavy black smoke toward Galena Park, authorities issued a temporary precautionary shelter in place and the partial shutdown of the Washburn Tunnel and the Houston Ship Channel.

Thick smoke and small particles could be seen in the air.

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