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Siemens officially launched its Simatic PCS neo in North America this week.

Simatic PCS neo employs new system software, featuring global web-based collaboration in engineering and operation and an intuitive user interface that displays all relevant information in a single workbench.

Users can benefit from an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that allows them to reach any application with just a few clicks. Simatic PCS neo’s workbench makes it easy to change between the Engineering and the Monitoring & Control view at any time. The seamless object-oriented data model increases efficiency and quality over the entire plant lifecycle.

All information can be accessed at any time, from any location easily and directly using a secure web connection. The web-based system allows multiple users to work in parallel and does not require local software installation. With central, object-oriented data management, Simatic PCS neo allows for consistent, reliable data at all times.

Cyber Security

Simatic PCS neo also has an open and flexible architecture, in which modular engineering with support of Module Type Packages (the open MTP standard) is already integrated. The control system scales to support applications of all sizes, from small process modules up to the largest plants in the world. This is made possible by reusing engineering templates for the easy scale-up and adaptation to different plant sizes.

Simatic PCS neo will meet the requirements of the standard IEC 62443 as it implements the “defense-in-depth” security concept.

Simatic PCS neo system software uses the hardware portfolio and application architecture of the process control system Simatic PCS 7 version 9.0.

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