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Sometimes believing something is true is a whole lot different than reality and for small businesses feeling their website is secure may fall into that fantasyland kind of thinking.

We all know small businesses are running around multitasking as many jobs as possible and they may not have too much time to think about the nuances of a secure platform.

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But if you look at as survey conducted by The Small Business Authority, of the 2,700 respondents, 86 percent believe their website is secure. On top of that, 41 percent said their website is the prime revenue driver for their business.

Security experts will tell you, the websites of most business are easy to compromise. Along those lines, a study showed 86 percent of websites tested last year by WhiteHat Security contained at least one serious vulnerability.

Cyber Security

“We value the responses our clients give us regarding their needs, concerns and business sensitivities. We do believe that our independent business owners are not very concerned about cyber security, even though they should be,” said Barry Sloane, chairman, president and chief executive of The Small Business Authority.

“Ironically, they do value their Internet presence as an extremely important aspect of their business but seem to have a casual attitude regarding the secure nature of their content and data.”

The Small Business Authority is a subsidiary of Newtek Business Services.

In a different survey, a majority of security managers were unsure of the current level of their application security state and believe a hacker could exploit their applications.

That survey, conducted by security software provider Quotium, was to better understand the solutions used to secure applications in corporations in Europe and in the United States. More than 500 CISOs and security managers responded to questions about the security state of their applications, the frequency of attacks in their organizations and the solutions in place to mitigate these security threats.

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