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A new version of a security software program allows administrators to monitor user’s web access and track any potentially harmful moves they might make, including social networking.
SureView 6.5 is an endpoint information protection application designed to provide organizations with an improved ability to audit social networking activity, expand investigative capabilities and increase scalability.
The Raytheon product can support organizations’ efforts to mitigate cyber security risks by actively auditing user behavior for policy violations and high-risk activity. SureView records violations, compliance incidents and malicious acts that might cause an information breach and then replays them in a digital video record like format.
Raytheon created the application to meet customer requirements to more effectively manage the risks associated with multiple threats, officials said. The software can capture things like accessing classified or proprietary data and attempting to send it outside the firewall.
However, using the tool effectively relies in part on secrecy, and organizations using SureView declined to comment.
The latest version includes features such as enhanced capabilities for mitigating advanced persistent threats, including new malware detection tools; new social networking auditing to monitor high level activity on the top 150 social networking websites; and the Investigator Workbench, an organization and collaboration tool that allows users to group and organize data such as video replay and notes into a virtual briefcase for sharing and export.
Raytheon said version 6.5 of SureView provides increased processing speed from the information collector to the central database, and from the central database to the investigator workbench. A new search engine enables operators to focus and define searches to specific data types. The company also said the upgraded program allows operators to review more data in less time to quickly access incidents in seconds.

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