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There will be a special inspection at the Nuclear Generating Station in Clinton, Illinois, to review the conditions surrounding the recent failure of a transformer and the subsequent manual shutdown of the reactor, federal regulators said.

The two-member inspection team is at the plant, which is operated by Exelon Nuclear Generation Company, said Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) officials.

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The transformer failure, which occurred on Dec. 9, caused a loss of power to certain safety related equipment. It also forced a manual shutdown of the reactor.

Redundant safety systems remained available and operable, and other plant systems responded as expected. Workers installed a new transformer before the facility resumed operations.

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NRC inspectors will spend time on and off-site gathering information about the event, assessing the technical details regarding the operational failure, evaluating the operation of equipment and reviewing the facility’s response to the incident.

Inspectors will also review the condition evaluation and corrective actions taken after a similar event that occurred in 2013 with another transformer.

After the conclusion of the inspection, the NRC will publish a report documenting the team’s findings, which will be publicly available.

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