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There was a spill at the Quasar Energy Group’s waste recycling site in Wheatfield, NY, Sunday night.

Quasar recycles energy from waste that would usually end up incinerated or hauled to landfills. Instead, the company’s process generates biosolids and the resulting biogas becomes reusable energy while remaining liquid and resulting solids end up used for fertilizer and organic soil amendments.

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Quasar’s anaerobic digesters break down waste and sewage sludge with micro-organisms and produce methane to fuel electricity generators. The digested sludge, which Quasar said is environmentally friendly and called equate, ends up used as an alternative to traditional soil fertilizers.

The material that spilled out of the tanks had yet to be processed, said Quasar Project Developer Nate Carr.

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Carr said the material in the silo was mostly restaurant and food waste. He added the tank did not contain sewer sludge.

He said a very small amount of the material leaked from the tank on to the ground nearby. Workers were able to contain the leaked material.

Officials from the Department of Environmental Conservation as well as police and fire officials responded to the facility.

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