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Use at your own risk: Downloading apps from Google Play is not as safe as it should be. Yes, it is getting more secure, but still, there are moments.

There are now two apps that install additional fonts on an Android device, but also offer a way in for spyware, said Webroot researchers.

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The apps in question, Free Galaxy Classic Fonts and Galaxy Fonts, have since gone off Google Play, but they are still on their developer’s official website.

Once the user downloads and runs one of the apps, and requests it to download and implement a new font, the app downloads the ikno.apk file — a spying app that forwards SMS, call logs, and location information to a web portal where the person doing the spying can review the information.

Cyber Security

The official developer’s site apparently offers users to download iKno from the Android Market, but the users actually download it from the site.

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