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Statseeker, a global provider of network monitoring solutions, released its latest network monitoring solution, Version 5.1.

The latest release delivers flexible subscription licensing options along with features that provide more predictable network visibility, helping to maximize network uptime while reducing CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Statseeker Version 5.1 combines the full features of previous versions with a range of additional features such as:
• Subscription Licensing Options — The new Statseeker subscription licensing model offers flexible methods to deliver comprehensive monitoring for your environment. Available with Statseeker, Statseeker Professional and Statseeker Enterprise.
• Analytics Trendline — Statseeker provides the ability to create product trendline graphs presenting data trends across your network. This information enables more predictive management of your environment from early detection fault analysis through to forward planning your capacity requirements.
• Enhanced Authentication Options — Statseeker enables authentication with your existing Active Directory LDAP service. This feature has now been extended to support secure LDAP as well as Radius Authentication. User integration simplifies account and password management while still providing all of the access control granularity built into Statseeker.
• Additional NetFlow Support — With the Statseeker version 5.1 release, you can monitor NetFlow data using SFlow, JFlow, NetFlow V5 & 9 as well as IPFIX. This is alongside an unparalleled SNMP polling engine, SNMP trap collection, Syslog and Ping monitoring.
• Read/Write API — With Statseeker’s second generation API you can now configure common object parameters, create and edit entries as well as export Statseeker data to external tools using the integrated API.

“Interdependencies between applications, servers, and your network facilitate your businesses’ operational efficiency, or will contribute to its failure,” said Frank Williams, Statseeker chief executive. “This is quite a challenge and one that is becoming tougher to manage. Using the right network monitoring solution makes the above challenges much easier to manage.”

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The new features of Version 5.1 provides improved functionality and helps streamline workflow. Sixty second polling and compression technology ensures 100 percent of captured data is retained indefinitely in its original granularity. This provides a more complete picture of your network for faster, more effective troubleshooting that maximizes network uptime. 

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