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Statseeker released an updated version of its network monitoring solution, Statseeker Version 5.0.

IT networks today are large and complex. It is not easy to analyze the millions of inter-related data points that constantly race around an ever-expanding network. Add to this complexity the fact the industry is in an early, but deliberate move to the virtualization of everything as applications and data move fluidly between hosts, and get distributed across vast locations.

Statseeker Version 5.0 combines the full features of previous versions with a range of additional features such as:
Scalability: Increased virtual machine and physical interface support reduce CAPEX/OPEX costs. Version 5.0 monitors up to 1 million interfaces on a single physical server and up to 500,000 interfaces on a single virtual machine. Monitoring every interface, every 60 seconds, Statseeker provides unmatched scalability and minimizes your infrastructure requirements.
Higher Virtualization Support: Reduce CAPEX/OPEX costs and add flexibility as Statseeker now monitors up to 500,000 interfaces from a single virtual machine.
High Availability Design: Ensures the solution is always online and available. 
New Tiered Licensing Options: Select a product feature set designed to suit your specific business needs. Tiered licensing options include Statseeker, Statseeker Enterprise and Statseeker Professional.
API Extensibility: Allows data export to your existing management reporting tools. Customize reports with data to make real-time decisions.
Custom Metrics: Reports and data views provide tailored visibility of your important network information.

The new features of Version 5.0 provide improved functionality and helps streamline workflow. The Statseeker solutions deliver real-time visibility right to the edge of the network no matter how big the infrastructure. It installs in minutes and delivers value immediately as it discovers a network of up to 1 million interfaces in less than an hour, keeps data indefinitely in its original granularity and provides total visibility across the entire network infrastructure.

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