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Network monitoring solution, Statseeker Version 5.2, just released with a list of additional features.

Statseeker 5.2 is a scalable, fast and flexible network monitoring solution that delivers results in real time, while using minimal hardware. Statseeker designed a solution with technology and features that address the need for continual network migration.

Statseeker Version 5.2 combines the full features of previous versions with additional features such as:
• AWS (Amazon Web Services) Deployment Supported — Statseeker can now be deployed to your Amazon environment directly from the Amazon marketplace.
• Custom Metric Thresholding — This extension on the current definable thresholds allows Statseeker to be configured with metric related limits for your data.
• Threshold Alerting — Statseeker’s improved threshold alert configurations now enable users to configure and receive alerts on the thresholds you define for your custom data objects.
• Integrated API Version 2 — Statseeker’s restful API has been updated to include additional metrics. Statseeker’s API V2.1 supports read/write access to your data and extends access to enable querying timeseries data objects.

“Version 5.2.0 follows the natural progression of network monitoring requirements for companies of all sizes.” said Shane Chubb, product manager at Statseeker. “It is imperative we retain Statseeker’s unparalleled scalability while incorporating new features and product changes derived from our direct customer feedback program.”

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If a user is new to Statseeker, it is possible to check out the product by using the free 45-day trial of Version 5.2.

Click here for more information on the product snapshot.

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