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A steam pipe operated by Veolia North America exploded last Tuesday Baltimore, officials said.

Veolia officials said the transition from cleanup to construction started Friday.

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Baltimore police say officers who responded to the explosion of the underground steam pipe may have been exposed to asbestos.

Detective Jeremy Silbert said in an email that Veolia, which operates Baltimore’s steam pipe network, notified police about the possibility of asbestos exposure.

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Silbert said a number of Baltimore officers were among the first responders. He says they have been informed of “necessary safety precautions.”

The explosion punched a huge hole in the street, damaged two nearby hotels and covered parked cars in dust, asphalt and other debris. Five people suffered injuries in the incident.

Tests found low levels of asbestos at the site. Along those lines, two Maryland Department of the Environment certified-asbestos contractors were at the scene of the explosion Thursday. The age of the pipes was not immediately available.

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