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A series of files that contain Apple iOS device data is now on download services as an archive of the information stolen by hackers affiliated with the Anonymous AntiSec campaign, McAfee researchers said. Or is it?

Though the hackers claimed they lifted the data from the personal laptop of an FBI agent, the bureau denied the claim and a U.S. publisher later took blame for the breach.

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The attackers have hidden a Trojan as file made to look as if it contained the hacked data, said McAfee senior threat researcher Francois Paget.

“As you might have guessed, this file is not the real list but an ‘exe’ file and, of course, a malware!” Paget said.

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“Once again, we recommend you take care before downloading an alleged sensational file.”

The malware spotting comes in the wake of an admission from Blue Toad that its servers were the source of the lost Apple UDID numbers. The company said that its servers had been attacked and that a collection of UDID codes lifted.

The use of prominent news items and current events has long been a popular method for infecting users with malware. Attackers often disguise attack sites and Trojan applications as news sites or movie files in order to trick users.

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