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The number of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks increased by 200% in the fourth quarter of 2012 compared to 2011, new research showed.

Of the 768 attacks reported by 413 Akamai customers, 35 percent targeted organizations from the commerce sector, 22 percent aimed at media and entertainment firms, and 20 percent hit enterprise companies. In addition, 14 percent of the attacks targeted high-tech companies and 9 percent targeted public sector agencies.

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When it comes to cyber attacks, most of them originated in China. However, the fact 41 percent of attack traffic traced to China doesn’t necessarily mean the attackers reside in the country.

That’s because an attacker based elsewhere could have utilized compromised computers in China to carry out the cyber attacks.

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The countries where most of the attack traffic originated also lists the U.S., Turkey, Russia, Taiwan, Brazil, Romania, India, Italy and Hungary.

“Looking back across the year, we observed strong growth in our key connectivity metrics around the world. We believe that this points to greater availability of broadband connectivity, as well as increased speeds on those connections,” said Akamai’s David Belson.

“This is supported as well by the long-term trends observed over the five-year history of the State of the Internet Report. The combination of improved broadband availability and higher speeds should open the door for greater innovation in how the Internet is used by both businesses and individuals around the globe.”

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