Studying the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill had on the southeast Louisiana marsh ecosystems will be an ongoing process for years.

Along those lines, scientists at Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium received a $4.8 million grant for a project entitled, “Oil Spills as Stressors in Coastal Marshes: The Legacy and the Future.”

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The project is one of eight Coastal Waters Consortium projects that received money during this year’s round of awards, and it is under the consortium the LUMCON scientists are continuing their research.

The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative awarded the grant to sustain the consortium for two additional years beginning in January 2018, according to LUMCON.

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In the next two years, the group will conduct experiments to research the impacts the oil spill has had on coastal Louisiana communities since 2010.

Research topics include possible linkages between oil contaminants and shoreline erosion, changes to coastal vegetation, differences in greenhouse gas emissions from coastal ecosystems, changes in carbon flows through wetland food webs, constructing computer models of how post-spill oil moved through localized sections of the Gulf Coast and testing the impacts of oil on Gulf Coast marshes using experiments and natural observation.

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