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There will be an Industrial Defender webinar Thursday focusing on the Stuxnet worm, entitled “Stuxnet Worm: Part 2 – What it means for the future of automation system security.”
The Webinar will be August 19 from 11 to noon eastern time and Walt Sikora, vice president of Security Solutions at Industrial Defender will be the presenter.
Siemens was the first target, but there will be more intrusion attempts, targeting other control system types, and putting industrial safety, productivity and profits at risk, Sikora said. Effective defensive measures against malware are critical.
What does Stuxnet imply for the future of automation system security and how can owners/operators effectively defend their systems – and their bottom line – against unknown threats?
They will also talk about how a sustained, integrated defense-in-depth security approach can proactively defend your systems against the next generation of threats.
Topics of the webinar include:
• What does Stuxnet imply for the future of control system security?
• What comprises an effective, coherent defense against this type of threat and the unknown threats that are sure to follow in its wake?
• How can an integrated defense-in-depth approach provide peace of mind defense and protect your company’s bottom line?
In addition, there will be a real-time demo showing how a Host Intrusion Prevention System prevents unwanted malware intrusion.
To register for the event, click on Industrial Defender.

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