Database security implementation is too complex, making it IT professionals’ number one obstacle, a new survey said.

In addition almost 20 percent of IT professionals think requirement for dedicated personnel or special expertise is yet another hurdle in putting in place database security, according to the GreenSQL survey.

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Of those that responded to the survey, 31.4 percent said the complexity behind database security implementation is way too heavy and it remains a major issue.

In what is interesting in this day and age of the targeted attack, 13.2 percent of respondents said their organizations’ management still does not understand that enforcing database security measures is essential to client security and reputation protection.

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They asked: “What are your main challenges or obstacles to implementing database security in your organization?” The respondents said:
• Complexity: 31.4%
• Requirement for dedicated personnel or special expertise: 19.9%
• Management doesn’t understand the need: 13.2%
• Cost: 9.1%
• Other: 26.4%

“The intimidation is often greater than the self-preservation factor when it comes to database security,” said Amir Sadeh, chief executive at GreenSQL.

SQL injection attacks occur several times every hour; companies’ most valuable assets are in their databases – customers’ records, orders, accounts payable – and without protection, that information can easily find a place on the open market.

“Database security is the difference between a company maintaining its position or running afoul of regulations and opening itself up to significant financial losses and reputation damage,” Sadeh said.

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