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MI Powder Coating Firm Fined

Powder Cote II is facing $65,000 in fines for failing to provide fall protection or guardrail systems, guard rotating shafts and machinery, and failing to control the startup of machinery during maintenance at its Mount Clemens, MI, facility, said officials at the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Michigan OSHA). The company was previously cited […]

MI Plastics Plant Fire Forces Evac

A massive blaze broke out at plastics manufacturing facility in Auburn Hills, MI, Tuesday, fire officials said. Billowing clouds of smoke could be seen miles away with flames shooting as high as 30 to 50 feet in the air from US Farathane. In addition, there were reports of explosions at the facility. RELATED STORIES Chevron […]

Worker Dies after being Pulled from Vat of Acid

A 54-year-old worker died after he was found in a vat of sulfuric acid at a South Lyon, MI-based steel manufacturing firm. Daniel Hill was fully submerged in the 10-12 percent sulfuric acid solution Saturday afternoon as his Michigan Seamless Tube co-workers attempted to pull him from the industrial container, burning themselves from the at […]

Deep Freeze: Fire Hits MI Utility’s Gas Compressor

There was a report of an explosion and fire at a Consumers Energy natural gas compressor in Armada, MI, Wednesday. Firefighters got the call at 11 a.m. for a loud noise and fire at 32 Mile and Omo in Armada. RELATED STORIES 2 Hurt in Metal Plant Furnace Blast Gas Heater Cause of MA Micro […]

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