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The Tesoro refinery in Mandan, ND, recalled jet fuel from airports in the region late Friday and early Saturday.

The fuel ended up recalled after the company became aware it did not meet aviation specifications, according to Tesoro and representatives from affected airports.

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Tesoro officials confirmed the fuel specification did not meet “flash point” requirements.

“Tesoro’s jet fuel undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing and this batch did not meet the flash point specification,” said Tina Barbee, a spokesperson with Tesoro.

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Fuels with higher flash points are less flammable and safer to transport and handle.

Shipments of that fuel did go out to the Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport in Dickinson and the Bismarck Municipal Airport.

Fueling operations at both airports shut down as soon as everyone became aware of the problem. At the airport in Dickinson, the recall caused several flight delays late Friday evening.

“Tesoro notified its customers and worked with them to remove and replace the product,” Barbee said.

Tesoro was not immediately available to discuss the number of airports affected by the recall or the cause of the fuel problem.

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