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Rubble of a corn mill plant the day after a Wednesday explosion in Cambria, WI, shown in this image taken from a video by WISN-TV.
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The body of the third employee who died in a blast at a Cambria, WI, corn mill was recovered Sunday, company officials said.

Pawel Tordoff, 21, was the last person to be recovered after an explosion late last Wednesday turned the Didion Milling Plant to ruins.

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Company officials confirmed Tordoff’s identity on Friday and had located him among the ruins, but were not able to recover his body until early Sunday, according to the statement from Didion.

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“Recovery was delayed until safety engineers determined it was safe to send rescue personnel into the site to make the recovery,” the statement said.

Sixteen employees were working at the mill at the time, and 11 had been taken to hospitals, Derrick Clark, Didion’s vice president of operations, said Friday.

Along with Tordoff, who operated a packing machine, the explosion killed 27-year-old Duelle Block, a mill operator, and 53-year-old Robert Goodenow, who operated a forklift.

No cause has been released on what started the massive blast.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and the local fire department assisted in the recovery.

Didion Milling also said it plans on rebuilding its facility. And company officials said they are still paying the employees who work at the plant through an insurance policy.

Cambria is approximately 70 miles northwest of Milwaukee.

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