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Alarm management software provider, TiPS Incorporated, entered into a strategic partnership with safety and security solution provider, Applied Engineering Solutions Inc. (aeSolutions).

The alliance allows the companies to focus on their strengths and leverage each other’s capabilities in the marketplace.

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“Often companies using alarm management are sold an expensive ‘one method fits all industries’ solution,” said Bobby Weibel, president of TiPS Inc. “Our partnership is focused to lower the financial hurdles that facilities face to streamline operations. Customers using LogMate have a real-time platform to track, analyze, and alert on the alarm system health. Our combined expertise and targeted approach to alarm management solutions will increase customer ROI and provide them the solution that suits their needs.”

“This partnership with TiPS enables us to augment our alarm management lifecycle service,” added Ken O’Malley, executive vice president of engineering technology at aeSolutions. “Now more than ever, clients using legacy, multi-vendor, or enterprise fleet control systems can look to aeSolutions to provide alarm management services supported by a comprehensive alarm management software platform with universal connectivity. As a critical layer of protection, alarm configurations need to be monitored and maintained within the constantly changing production environment.”

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Merging the core capabilities of each company will supply customers with one central resource close to ISA 84/IEC 61511 standards and how ISA 18.2/IEC 62682 fits into the big picture, while also implementing a distinctive alarm management strategy and software. This relationship will result in a more seamless, and therefore, more cost effective solution at a higher value.

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