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Manufacturers of the world that say they will never suffer from an attack because they are too small or too obscure, should take note because the official website of Baseball Canada ended up breached.

Baseball Canada. This is the official website that provides information on the Canadian national team and players. Hackers of AnonGhost got in and defaced the site.

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The main domain and several subdomains suffered the attack. The list includes,,,, and many others. A total of 16 domains suffered from the attack.

While the site was down, it is now back up and running.

Schneider Bold

Unlike other hacks by AnonGhost, on this occasion the defacement pages don’t contain protest messages against Israel and other governments.

The message from the hackers: “Your website has been hacked by AnonGhost,” the hackers wrote on the targeted websites. “We hacked your website because its security failed.”

The complete list of defaced websites along with defacement mirrors are available by the hackers on Pastebin.

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