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Tor Project’s first point release of the Tor Browser 6.5 stable branch of the open-source, Firefox-based anonymity web browser is available.

“This is the first minor release in the 6.5 series and it mainly contains updates to several of our Tor Browser components: Firefox got updated to 45.8.0esr, Tor to, OpenSSL to 1.0.2k, and HTTPS-Everywhere to 5.2.11,” said a statement on the Tor project blog page.

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“This release features important security updates to Firefox,” researchers said on the blog post. “In Tor Browser 6.5 we introduced filtering of content requests to resource:// and chrome:// URIs in order to neuter a fingerprinting vector. This change however breaks the Session Manager addon.”

This first maintenance update to the Tor Browser 6.5 stable series also addresses a bug for GNU/Linux platforms by updating the “Using a system-installed Tor” section in start script, and updates various language translations.

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A regression introduced in the Tor Browser 6.5 release related to the resizing of the main window is still under development.

Here is the full changelog since 6.5:
• All Platforms
Update Firefox to 45.8.0esr
Tor to
OpenSSL to 1.0.2k
Update Torbutton to
Bug 21396: Allow leaking of resource/chrome URIs (off by default)
Bug 21574: Add link for zh manual and create manual links dynamically
Bug 21330: Non-usable scrollbar appears in tor browser security settings
Translation updates
Update HTTPS-Everywhere to 5.2.11
Bug 21514: Restore W^X JIT implementation removed from ESR45
Bug 21536: Remove scramblesuit bridge
Bug 21342: Move meek-azure to the backend and cymrubridge02 bridge

• Linux
Bug 21326: Update the “Using a system-installed Tor” section in start script

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