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The Tor Browser hosted in Apple’s app store is a fake full of adware and spyware, Tor Project officials said.

“Tor Browser in the Apple App Store is fake. It’s full of adware and spyware. Two users have called to complain. We should have it removed,” Tor officials wrote three months ago.

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The first complaint went to Apple December 26, but the industry giant said it wanted to give the author a chance to defend the app.

Having said all of that, the Tor Browser with the adware and spyware, last updated on November 6, 2013, is still available on the App Store. Since Apple seems to refuse to take any action, Tor said it has two options.

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One user said, “I think naming and shaming is now in order. Apple has been putting users at risk for months now.”

“I mailed Window Snyder and Jon Callas to see if they can get us past the bureaucracy,” said Roger Dingledine (aka arma), the president, director, and co-founder of The Tor Project.

“Otherwise I guess plan C is to get high-profile people on Twitter to ask Apple why it likes harming people who care about privacy. (I hope plan B works),” he said.

Synder and Callas are members of the security community held in high regard. Callas worked for Apple before founding the global encrypted communications service Silent Circle. Synder works for Apple.

Users should not download the Tor Browser from Apple’s App Store until something gets cleared up.

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