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Toshiba added MySurveillix health monitoring application to its Surveillix Web Services suite.

Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products Group added the cloud-based MySurveillix health monitoring application to its Surveillix Web Services (SWS) suite.

MySurveillix automatically verifies the health of IP video cameras and Percept NVRs enterprise-wide in a single solution that can end up viewed on a PC or mobile device. By providing critical alerts via an email or text, MySurveillix allows end-users to access the system and troubleshoot the problem.

The Percept NVR platform records locally while leveraging cloud-based services. Models are available for enterprise-class, mid-sized and small businesses.

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Surveillix Web Services provide the setup, operation and management of Percept video surveillance recorders.

SWS functions with all Percept models, as well as several other Toshiba NVRs.

Key benefits of SWS include:
• Virtual elimination of software client installation and upgrades
• Simplified user permissions management
• Greatly improved remote connectivity by leveraging a single universal sign-on
• Greatly improved ability to export and share video clip

MySurveillix compiles reports on the overall health of the system that can end up distributed daily, weekly or monthly, and include thumbnail images from every camera on the network captured during the day and night. These dual images help organizations verify cameras are recording the intended monitored area, and that certain functions, such as IR illumination, are operating properly. A Recording Duration function not only gives a visual representation of the Percept recorder’s video retention capabilities, it allows the end-user to set a recording threshold and to send a programming alert notification when this threshold is not being met.

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