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Toshiba’s Percept NVRs allow virtually all aspects of user rights and system settings/configurations to be remotely managed on the cloud.

Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Group is tapping into the cloud for management of IP video networks with its expanded line of Percept cloud-powered network video recorders.

Leveraging Toshiba Surveillix Web Services (SWS), Percept NVRs allow virtually all aspects of user rights and system settings/configurations to end up remotely managed on the cloud, saving time and money while improving the facility’s overall security operations. The goal is for Percept NVRs to make it easier to navigate complex IP networks, as well as to access an entire surveillance system via an intuitive interface accessible via a PC or mobile device.

Percept has a single universal sign-on that lets users access their recorders remotely with almost any device. This does away with the integration hassles common with IP networks, so tech support time is reduced, plus system authorization is better safeguarded by the elimination of improperly stored passwords. Percept NVRs make it simple to export, share and download video to the cloud, and to monitor the health of the recorder remotely.

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The Percept line includes models ranging from entry-level units to enterprise-class recorders built for multi-site installations. 

• Percept E-Series recorders for enterprise-class applications. They are available with a maximum of 64 IP video inputs and 16 audio channels, and can locally store up to 96TB of video.
• Percept M-Series recorders are for mid-sized applications with a maximum of 32 channels of IP video and 24TB of local video storage. M-Series recorders have an 8 or 16 channel optional built-in integrated PoE+ ports for plug-and-play capability.
• Percept S-Series NVRs are for small- to mid-sized businesses requiring 16 or fewer IP cameras that need a true plug-and-play, out of the box ready solution. There are models available in 4, 8, and 16 channel versions and up to 12TB of local storage capacity.

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