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Toshiba Surveillance IP Video Products Group has advanced web services for its new line of Percept cloud-based video recorders.

Toshiba Surveillex Web Services or “SWS” is a cloud-based service that facilitates the setup, operation and management of Percept video surveillance recorders. With features such as single sign on, video clip archiving to the cloud, and online user and recorder management, SWS allows for on-going management of network video recording (NVR) systems.

Toshiba Percept cloud-based NVRs are available in two models: the M-Series featuring 32 channels of IP video, PoE and up to 24TB on-board storage, and the Enterprise-class E-Series that delivers 64 video channels, 16 audio channels, and a maximum of 48TB of storage. When equipped with SWS, Percept NVRs act as communications conduits between IP cameras and the cloud. Up to 2GB of video clips can end up uploaded to the cloud from a Percept NVR where they can be managed, as well as exported, shared and downloaded.

Cloud-based architecture means Percept recorders virtually eliminate software client installation and upgrades. Instead, they receive automatic updates through the Internet so the NVRs are continuously evolving for new innovations. In addition, SWS can be deployed alongside Toshiba’s MySurveillix monitoring service that keeps tabs on NVRs and cameras, instantly notifying users if any go offline.

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