There was a toxic chemical incident at the 187th Fighter Wing in Montgomery, Alabama, officials said.

Firefighters got the call of a hazardous materials incident at the 187th, located in the 5800 block of Selma Highway in Montgomery, Alabama, said Montgomery Fire/Rescue (MFR) Captain Jason Cupps.

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When they arrived the units were advised seven members of the fighter wing had been exposed to a small leak of Hydrazine.

The leak was in one of the testing areas for aircraft, said Staff Sgt. Jared Rand, Public Affairs Specialist for the 187th.

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They called MFR and an incident response team to assess the situation.

Hydrazine is toxic by inhalation and skin absorption and corrosive to tissue, according to PubChem. It is also combustible.

Cupps said there are no life threatening injuries and there is no threat to the public. The members were decontaminated and taken to hospitals for observation. Three additional patients were later transported for observation.

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