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Emergency workers in the aftermath of a train derailment outside Nashville, TN, where vegetable oil spilled.

Several train cars of a Georgia-bound freight train derailed Wednesday afternoon near Berry Hill, TN, spilling vegetable oil, officials said.

A train headed to Waycross, Georgia, derailed in Nashville around 2:45 p.m. Wednesday near Berry Road, said officials at CSX.

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Although the tracks in the area were seriously damaged, appearing twisted and uneven hours later, no injuries were reported to train crew or anyone on the ground.

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It was unclear what caused the derailment, or if recent severe weather had any impact on the area.

The train was carrying vegetable oil, CSX confirmed, specifically soybean and barley.

Two of the cars suffered “breaches” to varying degrees, spilling the vegetable oil onto the ground, said Jay Servais, Nashville Office of Emergency Management (OEM) district chief.

OEM was unable to confirm how much had spilled, but said they were using containment booms to keep it in an approximately 40-foot area.

“Safety for the people of Nashville is number one, but then of course traffic,” Servais said.
CSX said six cars in total derailed.

It will take several hours of work to contain the scene, Servais said. Although vegetable oil is flammable, OEM was not worried about a possible fire hazard in the area.

Servais was also unable to estimate how long repairs would take.

OEM contacted the Environmental Protection Agency, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and other agencies as part of their standard procedures.

CSX took over the scene around 4:30 p.m.

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