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Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro dealt for Montreal, Canada-based web application security firm Immunio.

The acquisition will help increase the automated protection that can provide customers throughout the DevOps lifecycle, Trend Micro said. The amount of the deal was not immediately available.

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“We are excited to acquire Immunio’s application protection technology, their team of application security experts and their customers,” said Bill McGee, senior vice president and general manager of Hybrid Cloud Security at Trend Micro. “Technology changes, like cloud computing and container platforms, are enabling faster application development. Immunio’s run-time application security allows our customers to increase protection against software vulnerabilities within the applications they are building.”

Trend Micro is enhancing its container-specific security capabilities, by supporting container image scanning, which allows security issues to be identified and resolved prior to production release.

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The new capabilities integrated with the DevOps lifecycle, with Immunio bringing early detection and protection against application vulnerabilities, and container image scanning allowing for the publishing and protection of secure container images, said Trend Micro officials.

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