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Two people remain in critical condition after a fire broke out Friday at the Buy A Truck Plant in LaFayette, TN.

Ten people ended up rushed to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation, two remain in critical condition. Cause of the fire was accidental, but fire officials are still trying to determine the cause.

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The Buy A Truck Plant makes foam mats and distributes hardwood or hardwood composite.

“The fire started at 10 a.m.,” said LaFayette Police Chief Bengie Clift. Multiple fire departments responded to the fire, part of which consisted of plastic.

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“(Firefighters) are working on runoff right now. The fire is not out, but it’s contained right now.”

Firefighters brought in an excavator to take down part of a wall in the back of the building to make sure hot spots of the fire are out, said LaFayette Assistant Police Chief James Stacey Meeks.

“We do have the fire contained,” said LaFayette City Manager David Hamilton. “There’s a significant fire on the southeast side of the building. And likely other smoldering fires inside. Ten employees were taken to the hospital and two were critical.”

“They [the excavator operators] will pull the metal off the frame to put out the fire,” Hamilton said.

When firefighters are dealing with a stack of plastic, the water does not hit the flame, Hamilton said. So, firefighters must spread the plastic out to get to the flames.

“Everyone is out of the building,” Hamilton said. “Any smoke is an irritant to your lungs regardless whether it has chemicals in it or not. If the air quality is compromised, it’s because of the smoke. And we don’t know if there were hazardous chemicals in the smoke or not. EPD is already here. EPD will make the decision whether or not to escalate it to EPA. I just want to make sure our emergency personnel are safe. We want to protect the local community and the environment.”

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