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After breaching the systems of the Akron-Canton Airport in Ohio, hackers of the Turkish Ajan group continue to target U.S. websites.

This time they targeted the official website of the City of Lansing (, the capital of Michigan.

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“You are a country which bombs its own state, kills its own citizens, and blames the Muslim for it and tries to equate terrorism with them. This only suits insincere people which lack of human values, you,” the hackers wrote in a message addressed to the United States.

In addition to defacing the website, they’ve also leaked a 5.8MB archive file containing information stolen from the organization’s databases.

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The leaked data consists of usernames, email addresses, passwords in plain text, and other information.

The administrators of the City of Lansing website removed the defacement page.
City of Lansing officials have not made any statements regarding the incident.

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