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Two people ended up in the hospital after a chemical reaction at an industrial facility in Elliston, VA, Tuesday.

Firefighters got the call to ProChem on Enterprise Drive in Elliston around 3 p.m. Tuesday.

The chemical sodium hydrosulfide was being transferred from one container to another when a chemical reaction took place, said Montgomery County emergency services coordinator, Neal Turner.

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Turner said two employees required hospital treatment. One person was taken to LewisGale Hospital Montgomery and is expected to be okay, according to Turner. A status and location of the second person hospitalized was not immediately available. 

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A regional HazMat team is on scene right now, working to stabilize the situation. People nearby may notice a “rotten egg smell”, but Turner said there is no public health or safety threat to the surrounding area.

Enterprise Drive is shut down and will remain closed while HazMat crews work in the area.

Sodium hydrosulfide is a colorless to light-yellow liquid. It is corrosive to metals and tissue. It is used in paper pulping, manufacturing dyes and dehairing hides.

It can cause a sore throat, burning sensation, shortness of breath, labored breathing or unconsciousness.

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