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Emergency crews were cleaning up from two unrelated pre-Christmas leaks from oil facilities in northern Alberta, said officials at the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).

Back on Dec. 20, about 3,000 barrels of emulsion flowed down a slope and into a wetland following a problem with a Razor Energy Corp. pipeline near Swan Hills.

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Emulsion is 95 percent water, but also contained approximately 160 barrels of crude oil. The incident ended Dec. 22.

A creek with fish located about 500 meters from the site doesn’t appear to be affected, an AER spokeswoman said.

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The line has been shut in and an environmental assessment was being done to examine the impact and determine the spill area.

Vacuum trucks were on the scene, berms installed and wildlife fencing in place, AER staff were at the site to assess the incident.

In another incident, on Dec. 19, a problem with a ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp. well outside Anzac, 430 km northeast of Edmonton, led to the release of steam containing roughly 90 barrels of emulsion, generally a mix of oil and water.

There had been no reported impact on bodies of water or wildlife.

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