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Firefighters work to put out a blaze at the Fritz Chemical plant in Mesquite, TX. Two employees suffered injuries in the incident.

An early morning fire at a chemical plant in Mesquite, TX, forced a half-mile evacuation zone last Monday, officials said.

The fire at Fritz Chemicals near Military Parkway and Town East Boulevard started around midnight and was put out an hour later. At least two employees were taken to a local hospital, but the extent of their injuries was not immediately available.

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Firefighters say bromate chemical compounds were burning inside the plant for hours.

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Building alarms sounded as the fire broke out at the company that manufactures chemicals for oilfields.

A resident who lives near the plant said there was an explosion so powerful it shook the ground.

Emergency crews were able to put the fire out before sunrise and after monitoring the air determined any risk to be over.

When Mesquite first-responders arrived and realized they were dealing with hazardous material, they called Dallas Fire Rescue for backup.

Fire Captain Travis Greenman said the temporary evacuation was done as a precaution. “So that they didn’t come in contact with any fumes or chemicals that could have been in the air. It’s just an area to keep everybody safe,” he said. “They do that just to make sure nobody comes in contact with anything. Once the monitoring determined there wasn’t anything there they lifted that.”

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