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Dozens of employees evacuated Friday after an explosion at a Sherman, TX, gas plant, officials said.

Sherman firefighters arrived on scene at the SemGas Plant a 10:30 a.m. Friday after they said compressed natural gas caught fire. Employees evacuated as a safety measure in case there were other explosions, officials said.

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“It’s an explosive hazard. It’s too dangerous to get in there and see. They’re going to have to let the fire burn out before they go in,” Sergeant D.M. Hampton said.

The Sherman Fire Department set up a command station at Faith Church to help coordinate with all the agencies working the explosion.

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“Fire departments getting help from different fire agencies to help block off areas, so that’s what it’s here to do. To make sure it’s a coordinated effort,” Hampton said.

There were no reports of injuries.

The facility received a citation from the Environmental Protection Agency in October of 2011 for violation of the Clean Air Act. Inspectors said they found a release of an extremely hazardous substance, specifically Pentane.

The EPA said the company subsequently made the necessary corrections, and the facility was in compliance at that time.

The EPA regional office in Dallas said they’ll continue to monitor the facility to make sure it remains in compliance.

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