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A chemical reaction inside a manufacturing plant in Port Neches, TX, led to a strong odor forcing residents inside their homes.

Residents described the unfamiliar smell that spread across their neighborhoods late Saturday night as unusual.

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“At first I had thought the mosquito man had driven by and sprayed chemicals but the smell didn’t go away and it got stronger,” Gina Vanderweg a Port Neches resident said.

The odor came from the nearby Lion Elastomers plant.

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A spokesperson from the company said a chemical reaction happened inside a tank on the south end of the facility that caused Styrene to leak into the air.

The company said no harmful amounts of Styrene released.

“We didn’t know if we needed to get out of here or what because it was terrible, it smelled pretty bad,” Walker Evans a Port Neches resident said.

The spokesperson said the leak was contained within hour of the incident, and only a small amount of Styrene released.

The smell of Styrene was so strong, it only took a small amount to put nearby neighbors on edge.

“I have a little boy who has asthma and he stepped out for a minute and I said no go back inside. the smell was so bad that I didn’t want my little boy outside,” Vanderweg said.

The company says they will continue to asses and evaluate the situation and will provide any additional information if necessary.

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