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Anyone can interpret numbers however they want, and when it comes to sending out spam there are volume leaders and then there are per capita leaders.

Needless to say, the United States continues to be the top spam-relaying country in the by volume category, according to the Sophos spam report for the third quarter.

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The U.S. (14.6 percent) leads the pack, followed by Belarus (5.1 percent), India (4.7 percent), Italy (4.7 percent), and China (4.6 percent). Rest assured Taiwan, Argentina, Spain, Iran, Peru, Germany and Russia are also on the list.

However, the chart is a bit different for the “per capita” category. Here, the spam contribution of each country ends up calculated based on its population.

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In this class , Belarus tops the chart. The country sends 11.1 times more spam than the U.S., Uruguay sends 4.7 times more spam than the U.S., and Taiwan sends 3.8 times more.

The countries included in this category are Luxembourg, Macedonia, Peru, Kuwait, Bahamas, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Argentina and Israel. Countries with a population below 300,000 were not a part of the survey.

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