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Fukuvi USA Inc. of Huber Heights, OH, is facing $49,000 in fines for one willful safety violation for failing to install machine guarding on a puller machine, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The agency initiated its inspection against the plastic extrusion manufacturer after a 31-year-old worker suffered a degloving injury of his left arm when it ended up caught and pulled into the machine as he fed a plastic part into it.

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“Injuries like this are preventable when companies install machine guards and train workers on safety procedures,” said Ken Montgomery, OSHA’s area director in Cincinnati.

“Each year, hundreds of workers are injured while operating machinery without required safe guards,” Montgomery said. “OSHA inspectors found this machine had been in use for at least a year without the proper guarding in place. It is fortunate no one else was injured.”

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