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The Tor Project released Tor Browser 6.5 as the newest stable version of the open-source and hardened web browser that keeps online presence anonymous.

Featuring the most critical security updates from upstream Firefox 45.7.0 ESR (Extended Support Release) web browser, Tor Browser 6.5 ships with up-to-date components, including Tor, Torbutton, Tor Launcher, HTTPS Everywhere 5.2.9, OpenSSL 1.0.2j, NoScript, and Go 1.7.4.

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There are also numerous bug fixes and improvements implemented in Tor Browser 6.5, such as the isolation of SharedWorker script requests from any first-party domains, blocking of remote JAR files by default, deprecation of SHA-1 HPKP pins, redesigned security slider, and much more.

With that done, the Tor Project already started working on Tor Browser 7.0, and a first Alpha build of the upcoming check out drive Snowflake, a new WebRTC-based pluggable transport.

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While Tor Browser 7.0 remains in development, users should upgrade to Tor Browser 6.5 release.

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