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Malware-laced UPS delivery notifications are back on vogue as one of the latest versions offers two ways to suffer an infection.

The email’s body is simple. It reads something like: “You have attached the invoice for your package delivery. Thank you, United Parcel Service.”

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The notification comes with two files attached to it. One of them is an executable file that hides a variant of the ZeuS Trojan (currently detected only by a handful of anti-malware solutions), said researchers at MX Lab.

The other one is an .HTML file which purports to contain “Important Delivery Information.”

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When users click the link that should lead to an invoice, they end up going to another page that instructs them to download and install a plugin in order to view the document, the researchers said.

The plugin, JavaJREInstaller.exe, is another variant of the ZeuS banking malware.

Once that happens, the attackers snared another victim.

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