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A warning released against an already patched security flaw in Kaspersky antivirus.

In short, the vulnerability was patched and users should apply the patch or there could be problems.

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Discovered by German cybersecurity agency BSI, attackers can just send a malicious email containing a crafted file to their targets and, in some cases, this file “doesn’t even need to be opened.”

CVE-2019-8285, which is a heap-based buffer overflow vulnerability that potentially allow remote execution of arbitrary code, ended up fixed by Kaspersky last month.

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Kaspersky said only systems with antivirus databases released before April 4 ended up vulnerable.

The patch has already been released through the built-in update system of Kaspersky products, so if automatic updates are enabled, your device should be secure.

All Kaspersky products with antivirus database are affected by the vulnerability, said a Kaspersky advisory.

The vulnerability could end up leveraged by having the Kaspersky security product scan a crafted JS file, which can help an attacker achieve remote code execution and eventually take control of the target device.

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