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By Jumbi Edulbehram
One of the biggest challenges for companies that operate industrial facilities — factories, manufacturers, warehouses, loading bays — is the fact activity isn’t confined to a single location: The supply chain is extensive and complex.

As goods are transferred between facilities, each individual location creates an additional area of exposure and risk.

A key requirement is tracking products and processes throughout the entire supply chain, which requires extensive video coverage. To achieve high levels of coverage as well as situational awareness of large areas, these organizations would be well served by using panoramic video technology in the form of 180- and 360-degree surveillance cameras.

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Deploying high-resolution, wide-angle surveillance cameras in the facilities, where vehicles are stored, in handling spaces, in loading/unloading docks and at entrances and exits, can ensure extensive coverage for live monitoring and the ability to review footage in the event of an incident.

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These surveillance tools can also come in handy for business operations, as a bustling supply chain and expansive facilities could result in inventory shrinkage, with no way of knowing it’s happening until it’s too late. Review of video can reveal sources of shrinkage and ensure proper handling and control of goods across the facility.

Another major concern is compliance with the appropriate health and safety procedures at all times.

Think about it, with the number of people and assets moving around in a variety of directions on foot and in vehicles of different types, it can be difficult to guarantee comprehensive compliance.

The advanced level of situational awareness provided by wide-angle surveillance enables management to pinpoint particular instances where policies are breached and determine areas that can be improved. Additionally, when it comes to liability, recorded video allows easy verification of the cause of an incident, such as an employee injury or claim against the company.

And just the presence of security cameras in these facilities encourages employee compliance.

Case History
IBS-Mapei in Dubai, a manufacturer of adhesives and chemical products for the construction industry, implemented 360-degree surveillance in its busy manufacturing site to maintain its health and safety record and ensure staff and visitors complied with guidelines. They also wanted the ability to provide an accurate understanding of a situation in the event of an incident or violation of these regulations.

The facility installed 360-degree camera technology in seven locations in an effort to give management total situational awareness of the site. The result has been improved compliance as well as a more proactive approach to implementing guidelines that continue to keep people safe as new procedures are identified for these efforts.

And this is just one instance of panoramic camera technology being implemented.

Another critical arena where panoramic surveillance can offer more insight is in restricted areas where contamination is possible (think: food production and manufacturing). In these environments, stringent sanitary requirements are needed to meet most compliance standards, but many times the cameras themselves aren’t robust enough to meet these standards. Camera equipment that meets such standards as those set forth by NSF International can help ensure the best possible atmosphere for food production.

Whether it’s to defend against crime, discover vulnerabilities in the supply chain, provide evidence of incidents, keep strict sanitary requirements or ensure compliance, panoramic surveillance delivers a robust, highly reliable and cost-effective monitoring and safety tool for industrial facilities.
Jumbi Edulbehram is the regional president – Americas for Oncam.

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