Worker heads over to area where a worker was wiping excess product and created some static electricity which set off a blast that killed one worker and injured over 125 others in New Windsor, NY, last week.

Static electricity was the cause of a deadly explosion at a New Windsor, NY, cosmetics plant last week.

In addition, new video shows the deadly explosion as it occurred.

1 Killed, 125 Hurt in NY Factory Blast
Chem Plant Blast Kills One
Worker Dies in WI Food Plant Incident
Man Dies after Chem Plant Blast

Orange County Fire Investigation Unit determined static electricity caused a flammable liquid to ignite inside Verla International in New Windsor on November 20. The cause has been ruled an accident. The chemical involved was hexamethyldisiloxane.

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The explosion took place during the manufacturing process when a worker was wiping excess product in the batch room.

Click here to view the video of the blast.

The worker in the video only suffered minor injuries and was able to escape. Another worker, William Huntington, 57, of Newburgh, NY, died inside the factory.

The explosion sparked a massive fire and second explosion that spewed thick, black smoke into the air and prompted emergency officials to order a shelter-in-place. More than 100 people were treated at nearby hospitals for injuries after the fire.

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