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Silent Partner Technologies (SPT) and Oil Country Tubular Goods, LLP (OCTG), partnered to offer “cradle to grave” RFID-based tracking solutions for the pipe industry, which could end up meaning a safer drilling environment.

The goal of this partnership is to bring various complementary experiences to the venture. The fundamental concept is to track oilfield tubulars from the time they are “born” at a steel mill’s fabricating facility until they become a part of the down-hole well bore.

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The solution utilizes multiple technologies, including active RFID, passive RFID, barcode, and GPS technology.

“While there is significant value to all parties with respect to the tracking of tubulars, there is also significant room for process, safety, and efficiency improvement for the various companies that participate throughout the entire tubular manufacture, processing, sale, transport and installation process” said Ted Kostis, president of SPT. In the initial development phase, the systems will focus on tracking “all things” within a tubular finishing or processing facility. “We will be tracking personnel, tools, consumable inventory, tubulars, and also providing safety sensors in hazardous areas”

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“We now see and believe that these solutions will be applied from steel mill production facility all the way through the tube’s installation in the well-bore in the field,” said David Siverling, the founding partner at OCTG, LLP in Houston. “This will, we are sure, become an industry standard for tracking tube inventory and even allowing manufacturers to seamlessly maintain full electronic data sets on every tube, including technical data on tube specification, processing, and quality control test results. We believe this system will become the ‘holy grail’ in tube information collection, management, and storage in our industry.”

SPT provides various RFID technologies and solutions. OCTG, LLP, is a Houston, TX-based provider of tubular finishing services, primarily to oil country tube mills and large Houston-based pipe distributors.

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