VMware patched a critical out-of-bounds memory access vulnerability affecting its Workstation and Fusion products.

The issue affects the drag-and-drop function and it can end up leveraged by a guest to execute arbitrary code on the host operating system running Fusion or Workstation.

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VMware Fixes Vulnerabilities
VMware Fixes Vulnerabilities

The security hole affects Workstation Player and Pro 12.x, and Fusion (Pro) 8.x. The issue has been patched with the release of versions 12.5.2 and 8.5.2, respectively. ESXi does not suffer from the issue.

The vulnerability cannot end up exploited against Workstation Pro or Fusion if the drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste functions are disabled, VMware officials said. This workaround does not work on Workstation Player.

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The vulnerability ended up disclosed at PwnFest, a hacking competition that took place in South Korea at the 2016 Power Of Community (POC) security conference.

VMware credited Qinghao Tang and Xinlei Ying from Qihoo 360’s Marvel Team and JungHoon Lee (lokihardt) for finding the flaw. The reward for hacking VMware Workstation Pro 12 on Windows 10 at PwnFest was $150,000.

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