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VMware issued security updates for its vCloud Director, ESXi, Workstation and Fusion products.

Vulnerabilities, which VMware labeled critical, became exposed at the Pwn2Own 2019 contest where researchers unveiled two VMware Workstation vulnerabilities.

VMware Fixes Elevation of Privilege Hole
VMware Releases Security Fixes
VMware Clears Critical Integer Overflow Hole
VMware Clears VM Escape Holes

“VMware ESXi, Workstation and Fusion contain an out-of-bounds read/write vulnerability and a Time-of-check Time-of-use (TOCTOU) vulnerability in the virtual USB 1.1 UHCI (Universal Host Controller Interface),” VMware said in a post. “Exploitation of these issues requires an attacker to have access to a virtual machine with a virtual USB controller present. These issues may allow a guest to execute code on the host.

“VMware would like to thank the Fluoroacetate team of Amat Cama and Richard Zhu, working with the Pwn2Own 2019 Security Contest, for reporting these issues to us.”

Cyber Security

In all the CVEs for the vulnerabilities are CVE-2019-5514, CVE-2019-5515, CVE-2019-5518, CVE-2019-5519, and CVE-2019-5524

VMware patched a critical out-of-bounds write vulnerability in the e1000 virtual network adapter used by Workstation and Fusion (only on macOS).

In addition, there was a VMware Workstation and Fusion update addressing an out-of-bounds write vulnerability in the e1000 and e1000e virtual network adapters. Exploitation of this issue may lead to code execution on the host from the guest but it is more likely to result in a denial of service of the guest.

Also, VMware Fusion contains a vulnerability due to certain unauthenticated APIs accessible through a web socket. An attacker may exploit this issue by tricking the host user to execute a JavaScript to perform unauthorized functions on the guest machine where VMware Tools is installed. This may further be exploited to execute commands on the guest machines.

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