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Cersosimo Lumber Company, Inc., is facing $93,126 in fines after a worker was seriously injured when his foot became entangled in the unguarded chain and sprocket of a trim saw he was trying to unjam, said officials at the Vermont Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Vermont OSHA).

The company is facing one repeat violation and three serious violations.

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The company was previously cited for these violations in 2017.

The repeat violation was for the procedure for clearing a jam on the trim saw did not protect the employee by controlling the hazards of the moving machinery.

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One of the serious violations found At the time of the accident there was an exit route at the Trim Saw that went through an arc with an open chain and sprocket approximately 24 inches wide between 2 conveyor systems.

Inspectors found the company failed to control hazardous energy and did not adequately protect workers with machine guarding.

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