A Redmond, WA, company is facing a fine for using radioactive materials in Hawaii without an Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) license.

Hayre McElroy & Associates, LLC, is authorized to use radioactive materials for industrial processes in the state of Washington.

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However, in 2011, it began using radioactive materials at various locations in Hawaii, but failed to obtain an NRC license to do so as is required after 180 days.

The practice continued until 2015 when it was identified by the NRC during an unannounced inspection in which agency officials examined procedures and records, observed activities and interviewed personnel at their Aiea facility.

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The company subsequently obtained the necessary NRC license to conduct activities in Hawaii.

The issue was described in a March 22 NRC inspection report. Based on an April 21 written response by the company, the NRC is proposing a Severity Level III violation and a $7,000 fine.

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