A destructive structure fire ended up avoided early Saturday morning due to a manufacturer’s water suppression system.

At 8:11 a.m., North Davis Fire District in Clearfield, UT, responded to a fire alarm at trailer manufacturer, Utility Trailer.

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When crews arrived, water and smoke were coming from the east side of the building, according to North Davis Fire District.

About 500 employees working at the time, had already evacuated and set up outside at meeting points designated by Utility Trailer.

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Firefighters found a 40-foot trailer had been destroyed by the blaze. In the classic case of safety system working, the sprinkler system in the building kept the flames from expanding.

There was damage to two trailers: One by fire and the other by water from the sprinkler system, according to fire officials.

The cost of the damage was $50,000.

“If not for the water suppression system working, this business could have been devastated and could have possibly experienced loss of life,” fire officials said in a release.

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