A worker for an oilfield services company died Sunday morning after an oil tank exploded at a location in El Reno, OK.

Shortly before 7 a.m. Sunday, Travis Farley, 48, was killed while he was working on a tank when combustible vapors inside caused an explosion, officials said.

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He was welding on an empty tanker truck in the back of the shop when it’s believed flammables caused a flash explosion.

The El Reno fire marshal said firefighters found several code violations inside Canyon Oilfield Services’ building, but those violations were separate from the incident.

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The building has since been condemned and shut down. Canyon Oilfield Services officials held a safety meeting Monday morning, and the company is in the process of moving its trucks to a different location until the building is up to code.

The operations manager the employees are all “real close” and officials are looking into what occurred so they can ensure doesn’t happen again.

Fire investigators said they are still working on their final report.

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